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    Edited images have disappeared from Lightroom Catalog - are edits recoverable?


      I am hoping someone will be able to provide some insight here.  All of my searches (Google, forums, etc.) lead me to answers re missing files, but that is not the situation here.  I have a few chunks of images that have suddenly disappeared from my Lightroom catalog.  They were visible one day, not visible the next.  I did nothing between the time I worked on them to when they disappeared - i.e. I did not move the location of the raw files on my hard drive, I did not change the catalog I was viewing, etc.  All filters are off, and I have double checked the "all photos" area - the images are simply gone.  What is rather strange is that what has disappeared was not from a certain date onward, but from a few different sessions - and it was those sessions in their entirety (i.e. no random images showing up from any of the dates that are suddenly gone.)


      I still do have the Raw files on my hard drive, and could simply reimport.  If I were to do that, I imagine all edits I have made would be lost?  Is there a way to recover the files with the edits I have already made?  Thankfully, I had already exported the majority of the edited files to my online gallery and therefore at least have the jpegs.  Further, these are mainly personal projects (i.e. not client) so it is not the end of the world.  However, the ability for this to happen concerns me greatly.  I must be missing something.  If anyone has any ideas, please do let me know.