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    Stop another SWF movie (+ sounds) from another SWF

    MrIzzard Level 1
      Hiya there
      Thank you in advance for skim reading this and thinking if you can help!
      I've search and seen similar problems, but not the same.

      I need a selection of simple SWF movie files with audio attached. They're basically audio buttons, scattered through a HTML page. At the moment they're set up with sound to 'stream' attached to a specific frame - then enough frames to cover the duration of the sound.
      - on press of button it skips to Frame2 where the button status changes and the sound plays
      - if during that playing process, the button is clicked again, then it jumps back to Frame1 and rests

      I've played with the StopAllSounds command, but that just stops the sounds on the other SWFs and doesn't stop (and revert) the other SWFs back to their Frame1's.

      Is this something i can solve with simple Action Script / Behaviours... or do i need to fiddle with the Javascript in the web page?

      Thank you in advance for any help