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    Had CC 2014 paid subscription, then updated to CC 2015, now my CC subscription is the free one, can only run software as trials




      I bought CS6 back in 2012, then upgraded to a 1-year subscription of CC 2014 in march 2015, which I got for a discount because I upgraded from CS6.


      Today I installed the new CC 2015 versions of the app via de Creative Cloud App. To my surprise all apps in the CC App show a "Start trial" button... Strange...


      Then I logged into my account on the Adobe website, to see the subscription details. It says I'm using the free CC subscription now! My CC subscription should end in march 2016, but it seems Adobe ended it with the release of CC 2015.


      Is this a mistake, or did Adobe intentionally cancel my CC subscription because technically I upgraded from CS6 to CC 2014, not to CC 2015? I don't feel like resubscribing to CC2015 for the full price, I was hoping to use CC for the discounted price until march 2016. I do hope this was a mistake on Adobe's part.