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    Dehaze and local white & black adjustments


      So the Dehaze, and local black & white adjustments are only included in the CC version?! I paid an aweful lot of money for the stand alone version of LR6. I just installed the update, and am not seeing those functions. Are there plans for this to be extended to stand alone users?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you purchased Lightroom 6 you purchased a license to use that software. It will be updated to provide support for new cameras, but new features will not be part of the Lightroom 6 package. This is the same as it has always been with Lightroom. New features are always reserved for a new upgrade, which is a paid upgrade. So the new features that will be added to Lightroom CC could possibly be included in a standalone version of Lightroom 7 when/if it is eventually released. Following the normal upgrade cycle, that will probably be close to two years from now.

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            Luckybeanz Level 1

            I have the same issue, and if this is the case then Adobe should refund us and let us revert to 5. This was the key feature I upgraded of after using the CC6 trial, had Adobe made available a standalone trial I would have used that and wouldn't have upgraded if the functionality wasn't there.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The trial version is the creative cloud version. I guess Adobe wants to enable you to evaluate all the features that are available. Lightroom 6 does not receive feature updates. It will only receive updates for new cameras support. The features that you mentioned were not included in the initial release of Lightroom 6 or Lightroom CC. Lightroom CC has received updates that added those features. Those who purchased Lightroom 6 will have to wait for the next major upgrade (probably Lightroom 7) in order to get new features.

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                Adobe showed recently to his customers that they just wand to dry our wallets and oblige all of us to us his stupid subscription money sucker thing. Even if I'm totally disappointed I just want to know how to get back to my version with all of my tools. How to?