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    [Camera RAW] Is there a way to adjust the auto lighting algorithm?

    Imper1um Level 1

      I find auto to be a decent starting point for adjusting the exposure, and generic lighting, but I find that the algorithm is flawed:


      1. The algorithm always puts the whites over the edge and generates white/black clipping. Auto should never allow that.

      2. The algorithm is more focused on putting the exposure settings right, rather than evening out the entire image to make a smooth color curve.

      3. I find that I wish I could just tell the algorithm "Okay, its good and all, but I want every time for the algorithm to be slightly less exposed." I don't like lighter images, unless I'm going for that effect. I like deeper images, and I find that too much light makes the entire image...flat.


      Is there a way I can modify the "Auto" button to choose a different algorithm, e.g., less light or more light?

      Is there a way that I can change the priority order of the auto, to focus on setting the other settings before you set exposure, or focus on smoothing the lighting curve, rather than putting the lighting in the same area?


      I wish there was a way to point to something and tell the program, "This point is where you need to deal with lighting the most for auto. If this area is bad, its an automatic failure on the auto curve."