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    Flash player not recognized


      I'm trying to use the MSI files to install Flash Player in preparation for SCCM deployment.

      When I install the ActiveX version for IE11 on Win7 it is not being recognized. If I install it via the installer from the get flash site it is installed and works fine.

      They are both the same version. I do notice in add/remove programs that the MSI is 18.2 MB while the web installer is 17.0 MB.

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          Carm01 Level 4

          What other troubleshooting steps have you taken ?

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            maria__ Adobe Employee

            Hi mac760,

            I am not able to reproduce the file size difference between the MSI and EXE installers.  Both register 17.0 MB in the Control Panel.


            How are you installing when using the MSI file? Are you installing by double-clicking it and launching the UI or via command-line?  If command-line what is the command +arguments you are using to install?


            Please provide the FlashInstall.log file saved at C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash directory.  If this is a 64-bit OS, there is another FlashInstall.log file saved at C:\Windows\SysWow64\Macromed\Flash.  We require both files from a 64-bit OS.  Upload the files using the instructions The specified item was not found. and post the link to the files in your reply.


            Thank you.