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    Getting ColdFusion Support Back Into Dreamweaver

    Homestar9 Level 1

      You may have noticed in the last few versions of Dreamweaver CC that ColdFusion support is slowly being removed from the program.  Officially Adobe's answer is that developers should switch over to ColdFusion builder instead. 


      Unfortunately for many of us ColdFusion builder is not a Dreamweaver replacement.  There are some things that ColdFusion builder does very well, but Dreamweaver still has features that CF Builder lacks.  If you're like me then you probably develop with BOTH ColdFusion Builder and Dreamweaver together in unison in your projects.


      I have submitted a feature request to the Dreamwevaer development team to officially request that CFML support be re-instated within Dreamweaver.  The request has been assigned an ID number (3609524) and I was told that if enough people request this feature they will implement it.


      It would be great if you could help let Adobe know that ColdFusion is still a viable language and that you don't want to see it removed from their products.  Please submit a feature request to the Adobe Dreamweaver team here: Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form


      Make sure to mention your vote for Request #3609524  and that support for CFML in Dreamweaver is very important to you as a customer.


      Thanks for your support!

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          haxtbh Level 4

          Coldfusion wasn't removed from Dreamweaver for any reason other that it didn't fit Dreamweaver's MO.


          Adobe's Ben Forta wrote a blog about this a few years back - http://forta.com/blog/index.cfm/2013/6/30/On-Dreamweaver-CC-And-ColdFusion


          A lot of which I agree with or relate too. 


          I would be interested to know what features you use in Dreamweaver that are not available in CF Builder. Could it be that you are resisting a change to the way you work? Sometimes change is good

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            Dave Miller Level 1

            One of the features that DWCC is missing is when you create a new file, it does not list any ColdFusion file types. cfm, cfc.


            That's kind of a biggie for me. Just the convenience and comfort of knowing we are not forgotten.


            Also, people I have talked to are telling me that ColdFusion Builder is a piece of crap (that's a technical term) and really buggy.

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              Dave Ferguson Level 3

              I was an avid Dreamweaver user for years.  Once CFBuilder came out I stopped using it.  Granted, there are things I wish CFB did better but it is a far better tool for coding then DW ever was.


              I really wouldn't expect the DW team to add CF support back into the product.  What I would do is report feature request to the CF team to have features that are in DW but not in CFB added to CFB.  You probably have a greater chance of this happening.

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                haxtbh Level 4

                I wouldn't say not having the file types is a missing feature. They have been removed on purpose as the product no longer supports CF development.


                You are also not forgotten, you have had a whole bit of software developed just for CF devs! There are some issues here and there, but generally CFB is a good product. I think its a bit harder to use for people used to dreamweaver, this can sometimes feel like it doesn't work or things are not worth moving for as its too difficult to setup. Those who have used pretty much anything else, especially Eclipse, find tons of benefits with CFB.


                As Dave Ferguson mentioned, you would be much better off submitting requests to the CFB team to add which were useful in DW as they will not put the compatibility back. You can use the Adobe Bug Base (when it works!) to submit features to CF Builder.

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                  Homestar9 Level 1

                  @haxtbh, I agree with many points of that blog post as well, but one of the key points here is that Dreamweaver is not an IDE, nor was it meant to be one.  That being said, Dreamweaver excels at client-side development - or in more accurate terms, client-display development as well as overall web site management.


                  Please don't mistake my post as a criticism of ColdFusion Builder.  I use CFB on a daily basis because it does a pretty good job as an IDE and I've completely fallen in love with the outline view when editing CFCs. However as @Dave Miller pointed out, the editor is still very buggy and has performance issues (see my other posts in this forum for examples). In my opinion, CF Builder wasn't meant to manage an entire web site (both behind the scenes and front-end stuff).


                  Dreamweaver has a ton of features that are valuable to anyone who manages an entire web site or for developers that have to collaborate with other developers and/or graphic designers.  Since you asked which features exist in Dreamweaver which don't exist naively in CF Builder I'll pass along a few that come to mind:


                  1. Dreamweaver Templates:
                  Before you roll your eyes at me, hear me out.  Dreamweaver templates while not perfect by any means are a great way to build a site and control site-wide elements when you're collaborating with other developers and/or graphic designers.  Many schools still teach Dreamweaver as the "holy grail" of web design tools and being able to keep specific parts of a web site compartmentalized or locked-down is a really valuable feature.  Many CF developers would argue that using a model framework or simply a series of <cfinclude> tags makes Dreamweaver templates obsolete.  However I've never come across a CF only solution for making a site-wide design template where you didn't have to occasionally separate an opening tag and a closing tag in different CFM pages (which is bad design if you ask me and not intuitive).  The key here is that the template feature makes collaboration and front-end design extremely user-friendly and straightforward.


                  2. File Management and FTP synchronization:
                  This is a big one. Dreamweaver has a built in FTP connectivity tool which allows you to easily synchronize your web site, folders, or single files to your remote server.  This is probably the most valuable tool that I use within Dreamweaver. I've tried in the past to use various plugins for Eclipse (and CFBuilder) as well as FTP clients to do the same thing but Dreamweaver really nails it - especially with secure FTP server support.  Additionally you can quickly compare remote files with your local copy (using an external program of your choice) to quickly view the differences.  Eclipse has a few plugins available which promise this type of functionality but I have yet to encounter one that does it very well.


                  3. Folder/File Cloaking
                  The ability to cloak folders and files from automatic synchronization is a valuable tool for both individual developers and when collaborating with others on your projects.


                  4. Design View:

                  Take a deep breath... I know "design view" is hated by most developers and for the most part I agree.  However, while I never do any actual layout or development using design view, the view itself serves a similar purpose as the outline view in CFBuilder except that it's a visual representation of your web site. Have you ever been working on a really REALLY long web form and you need to quickly jump around to various form elements?  The design view (when in split mode) is an efficient tool for jumping around your code using a visual reference.  There's no right or wrong way to jump around your code... and some would argue they could do a simple "find..." search to find the elements they are looking for.  In my personal experience, when you're working with forms the design view makes it really easy to find the element you're looking for extremely fast.


                  5. Code Hinting, Code Coloring, and Syntax Highlighting
                  This was mentioned in the blog post but it's worth pointing out again that Dreamweaver really nailed it on the head when it comes to proper code hinting, code coloring, and syntax highlighting.  I have yet to use another program (or IDE) that does as good of a job. 


                  6. Right Click Context Menu Method Jumping

                  When editing JavaScript files you can right click anywhere in the code to quickly get a list of methods (functions) on the page and quickly jump between them.  This has been a really valuable tool for me when editing script files.  This type of feature would be really beneficial in other IDEs (including CF Builder) but I haven't seen it implemented anywhere else before.  I've suggested this feature to both the CF Builder team and Dreamweaver but I haven't seen this feature implemented for CFML.


                  7. File Check/In Check/Out
                  While I only use this on a few sites I can't tell you how many times it's helped me when working with a less-experienced web designer on a project (I think we have all been there at some point).  Being forced to "check/in or check/out" files with someone else using Dreamweaver is a good way to collaborate and lock-down your updates to prevent them from getting accidentally overwritten.  This method of version control is way less robust than something like utilizing GitHub or another repository/version control system, but the advantage is that it makes it easy to work with less experienced designers in order to protect your work.  It works out of the box without having to train someone how to use a more robust system.  I think the key point here is that it's a very simple feature but I still find it to be valuable in some instances.


                  TLDR Version:
                  CF Builder is a pretty good IDE - but it's not a replacement for Dreamweaver.  If you're managing a complete web site your life will be a lot simpler if you're using both CFBuilder and Dreamweaver so you can take advantage of both program's strengths.  The fact that CFML support is being removed by Dreamweaver is a real shame and a short-sighted decision on the part of Adobe.  I strongly believe that keeping CFML support included in Dreamweaver will benefit existing developers and also introduce the beauty of ColdFusion to a whole new generation of web designers and developers.


                  Please support ColdFusion and let the Dreamweaver developers know you want CFML support reinstated in Dreamweaver!  Submit a feature request here: Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form and Make sure to mention your vote for Request #3609524.

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                    ahmlco Level 1

                    I abandoned DW as it no longer supported CF. And since I no longer used DW, I no longer needed a full Adobe CC subscription (just PS).


                    So, basically, Adobe dropping CF support from DW is saving me $360/year...

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                      leeboardman Level 1

                      I've just followed the link to submit a feature request after upgrading to CC 2015 and discovering that my CFINCLUDE files no longer display in design view, or appear as related files.


                      I pay a lot of money for Creative Cloud and do not want to pay extra for CFBuilder on top of that. I have happily used Dreamweaver for many years, for all of my web work. The inclusion of extra features has always been greatly received, but that doesn't mean we have to lose features too.

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                        BreakawayPaul Level 2

                        I have copies of DW CS6 and ColdFusion Builder 2.  Since around 75% of my work needs DW (we commonly post HTML content), it doesn't make a lot of sense to switch between two programs.  I used CFB for a while after my last ColdFusion class, but now I'm just back to using DW and thus can't really remember all the tricks/shortcuts in CFB.


                        Around 35% of my work time is spent working from home, and even though I'm allowed two installs of CFB, I had a PC die at home, so I can't install CFB on the new one (too many installs, since it remembers the dead one).  As such I just use DW (or CF Eclipse on my Linux machine).  It'll be a while before I get a DW upgrade, so I probably don't have to worry for a while.


                        But as far as DW and CFB being for two different things, that's sort of like the Apple model of "You'll work the way we think you should, and if you don't like it, tough."  Probably one of the reasons I'm an Android guy.

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                          determined2be Level 1

                          I have used both Dreamweaver and CF for years.  I dont want to change. There is also all the javascript CSS etc I need to maintain. I just want them to

                          bring in all my <cfincludes> like it used to. Else I have to search for <cfinclude> then open them individually. Lost productivity. I have submitted a request to add it back in. The plugin worked before DW CC 2015

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                            ronl20113759 Level 1

                            We have been using Dreamweaver to build very complex applications for 12 years now.  It is the best tool for building both front and back ends as well as having great file management with the server.

                            We build mobile apps with it and have really enjoyed working with it.  We are now having to go back to DW CS6.  Adobe automatically removed all of our developers Dreamweaver CC 2014 which had all my CF color code

                            This is Adobes response:

                            "Adobe does not have extensions for Dreamweaver to help with the color coding for CF"

                            All the ColdFusion tag attributes are no longer color coded and Adobe says that there are no longer CF extensions

                            We did not move to ColdFusion 11 because of the dropping of support for Dreamweaver.   Our shop is very frustrated with Adobe.


                            Please bring back the support for ColdFusion.  ColdFusion is an Adobe product.  It should be supported in a product that we used to love: DREAMWEAVER

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                              Steve Sommers Level 4

                              What seems disconnected to me with the "just use CFBuilder" argument is that most CF applications deal with both server-side code AND client-side code. CFBuilder may be great at server-side code but it truly sucks compared to DW at client-side code and now, with the latest DW, the opposite is also true -- DW truly sucks at server-side code. I refuse to have two tools open to do one job. I use DW-CS5 and I strongly recommend against purchasing (or more accurately, renting) anything beyond CS5 (possibly 6, since someone mentioned that here) for any serious CF developers. The lack of client-side features in CFBuilder, compared to DW, makes it waste of money for most of my work.


                              I really don't care if DW was not "technically" an IDE -- DW-CS5 and prior did a decent job as an IDE or pseudo IDE if you want, and it did a great job for client-side development. I guess an analogy would be, is it better to buy (rent) two experts to do the two sides of a single job, or find one jack-of-all-trades to do that same single job? For me, DW-CS5 is that jack-of-all-trades and much less costly than renting two apps.


                              Another aspect that Adobe may have overlooked in their decision to drop CF support from DW, is the user hate and social media hate that this decision generates. I would classify myself as a DW hater, at least the later versions of DW. And until they put back the CF support it used to have, you'll never see a "DW is great!" post from me -- at least not while I'm still programming CF.

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                                Steve Sommers Level 4

                                Also, regarding the DW is not an IDE comment, then why are they including PHP support? They should rip out all PHP and XML support as these have nothing to do with client-side programming -- if DW is truly not an IDE.

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                                  Dave Miller Level 1

                                  I started working with Bootstrap and DW prior to DW CC does not handle the bootstrap code. It gets hung up and goes into a screen blinking loop for a minute or two before you can actually do any work.

                                  I upgraded and I am severely disappointed in the lack of CF support. 


                                  Also, most of the time I have to bring the program (DW 2015) up more than once as it crashes after the initial load and round of clicking on the Retry button that comes up.


                                  I have a lot of CF projects that use DW Templates.


                                  So, I feel like we are posting here to vent only and that Adobe does not really want to do anything about this. (trying real hard to keep it professional here).

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                                    WolfShade Level 4

                                    Dave Miller wrote:


                                    So, I feel like we are posting here to vent only and that Adobe does not really want to do anything about this. (trying real hard to keep it professional here).

                                    Precisely.  Adobe does what Adobe wants, not what their customers want.  Always.


                                    Which is just fine, with me.  I cannot use ColdFusion Builder 3 because it requires an internet connection in order to validate, and my dev environment is isolated from the internet - so Adobe makes it impossible for me to use CB3.  I'm not really a fan of CB, anyway, because (as someone already pointed out) it's not a DW replacement.  I'd rather use NotePad (not NotePad++ - just plain ol' NotePad) than CB.


                                    So, I'm looking at other options (no.. brackets is not one of them.. I'm going to move away from Adobe products as much as possible.. CF Server being an exception, for now.. but Blue Dragon is looking pretty good.)



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                                      Steve Sommers Level 4

                                      It's very disappointing how callous Adobe is on this subject. It's as if they have made their decision, torpedoes be damned!

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                                        Homestar9 Level 1

                                        @Dave Miller,


                                        I agree with you.  These forums have been an outlet for frustrated customers to vent their opinions and I highly doubt anyone with power at Adobe regularly sifts through these looking for ways to improve their products.


                                        However, my intention in creating a thread like this was more to try and rally the Dreamweaver/ColdFusion community so we could work together to try and get things changed.


                                        One thing everyone could do is to submit a feature request to the Adobe Dreamweaver team here: Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form Make sure to mention your vote for Request #3609524  and that support for CFML in Dreamweaver is very important to you as a customer.


                                        Another thing you could do is place your vote in the Dreamweaver Ideas forum I created on this very subject.  Perhaps if this "idea" gets enough votes someone will listen: Bring ColdFusion (CFML) Support Back into Dreamweaver


                                        Finally, it's important that everyone be vocal about your opinions with other people you know.  Tweet about it, talk about it on Facebook, blog about it, tell your friends about it at the next party you go to (do developers go to parties?). You might even reach out to specific Adobe employees like the the senior management team Andrew Shorten and Vincent Hardy.  They may not have any clue about what their customers actually want in their products and may want to hear how they can make Dreamwevaer more profitable and appeal to a wider audience (If you do write them, please be polite and professional)


                                        Maybe we will get lucky and someone with some pull at Adobe will hear our suggestions and realize that it is in their best financial interest to re-instate CFML support. Our only hope is to have everyone affected by this decision work together and try their best to get heard.