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    Adobe's stance on perpetual License for Lightroom

    Paul E Level 1

      A few years back Adobe stated, loudly, that Lightroom will always be available with a perpetual license. Ok. That shut us all up. But did anyone think to ask if that was the whole story?


      What is this news today that LR 6.1 diverges in feature parity with Lightroom CC... I get having a CC version of Lightroom to bundle for those who wanted the CC packages. But why the song and dance to those of us who don't need Photoshop, Mobile or any of the other CC products? Why get our hopes up that our favorite piece of software will always be available without a subscription only to fork it and dangle the carrot of new features in our faces as you give them to the CC user?


      Adobe stated that Lightroom would always be perpetual. What they didn't divulge at the time was what exactly that would mean. I've been a user since beta 0.5 days and have used it daily for my commercial and editorial work. I've even sung it's praises to all that would listen, and I now teach Lightroom at the college level. I'm feeling a bit cheated here today.


      Last thought...now that we know the truth about Adobe's intentions in regards to their comments about perpetual licensing, how long until they don't feel it is worthwhile to maintain two code branches and close down the perpetual side...?