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    Creative Cloud desktop application is not updating Lr  Ps CC 2015

    davidl11 Level 1

      I subscribe to the CC Photography program, which includes both Photoshop and Lightroom.  However, I also purchased Lr 6.0 in April.  When I installed Lr6.0, I had to log into Adobe and, voila, Lr CC 2015 was installed, which was fine with me (I bought the perpetual license version basically as a safety blanket, the same reason I keep Ps CS 6 around).  I am running a Windows machine, Win 7 Home Premium.


      This morning the Creative Cloud app informed me that Ps CC 2015 was available but, as I recall, Lr CC 2015 was not available for updating.  I opened Lr and tried to update from Help > Updates, but that only takes me to the Creative Cloud app.  So here is my situation regarding Lr:

      > Lr is the 2015 release (build 1018573) with Camera Raw 9.0.


      I have installed Ps CC 2015, but ACR did not update, so here is the situation regarding Ps CC 2015:

      > Release 2015.0.0 (20150529.5.88 x64, with ACR version, and of course no dehaze


      I have tried signing out of Creative Cloud and signing back in (several times, actually), as has been suggested in other threads, and to no avail.  Needless to say I have rebooted.


      What else can I do?


      Thanks in advance for your suggestions.