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    Any fix for either: Tiny mouse cursor on 4K/UHD display mode, or innaccurate color picker when running at 1080 HD on UHD display?

    Pepper2676 Level 1

      When using latest CC on UHD display, mouse cursor inside the stage is about 20 pixels tall. this normally isn't a problem, but when the display is over 2000 pixels in height, it becomes one as reading the position becomes hard to impossible at times. this does not occur in the outside of stage area, the flash cc ui shows a normal scaled up windows mouse, but the second you hover into the stage area, it's instantly miniature.


      to counteract this, I've been setting my display down to 1920x1080 res, but this causes other huge issues inside the stage, the color picker is not accurate when setting color flags in a gradient, it seems to be completely misaligned with the actual content, but it is highlighting colors that exist in the image, and doing it semi-logically (I can almost know where on the image it thinks it is, because of the color changes when i move around.



      at first, it almost seems like it's lagging and delayed, but staying hovered over one area does not result in a color update ever. i can also get the same wrong color in the exact same spot if i hover on the area again.


      it's a real pain to do any work with gradients in 1080 HD, and a real pain to do any kind of work in 4K UHD.