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    How do I set up margins for printing InDesign Books?

    camilaf3199346 Level 1

      Good evening,


      Please, I need help to solve this issue.


      I've created an InDesign Book (made of many documents - INDD files). So far so good... I would like to print this book (it has 9 chapters, that means, 9 INDD's added on it). However, I've set each document as "facing pages" but the margins of each page are different.


      It has:

      RIGHT - 1 centimeter

      LEFT - 1,4 centimeter

      INSIDE - 2 centimeter

      OUTSIDE - 1 centimeter


      The problem is that some documents end with a right page and the following document starts with a right page too (so margins are becoming a problem because I have to send it to the printer shop and margins must be accordingly). Some chapters have only one page, so it follows a single-page pattern, however I need it to be facing pages...


      In order to set up margins, I created two master pages and applied margins to them.

      Next, I applied those masters pages to all documents (INDD's) belonging to this book.


      Please, I need your help to solve it. Thanks in advance!