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    Lightroom 5: add a signature


      Hi All!


      can anyone tell me how to add a signature (not a watermark) to my photos in LR 5??? Thank you in advance.   Nicole

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          I assume you are referring to your hand-written signed name?


          If that is so-

          1. Create a signature in a pixel editor (Photoshop) by scanning, photographing, etc.

          2. Delete any background behind the signature so as to have "transparent" pixels.

          3. Save the signature image as a .PNG file  (this is the only file type to preserve transparency for this purpose)

          4. In Lightroom create an Identity Plate, using the signature.png as a GRAPHIC.

          5. In the Print module you can add this Identity Plate anywhere on an image or its border.


          If you use the signature to design a Watermark, it can only be placed on an image (not a border).


          The PNG image in Photoshop on a transparent background-


          The "Identity Plate" made from the graphic placed on an image in the Print module-


          The "Identity Plate" placed on the print Border-