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    Canon 5DS/5DR not tethering to LR CC 2015


      So, we rented a new Canon 5DS and we're trying to tether to LR CC 2015 on a Mac Pro. We plug our USB 3.0 cable from the camera to the computer and launch the tether capture window. Go thru the steps to setup our folders and such and once we hit go, the computer icon on the back of the camera starts flashing and the tether control starts to flash. Obviously, there's no control thru the computer or the camera. the Any thoughts?

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          BKKDon Level 4

          Yep, it isn't yet supported as it was only just released.


          Supported cameras: Tethered camera support in Lightroom


          Of course you can use the EOS Utility and have a 'watched folder' in Lightroom.

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            hker Level 1

            Hi , LR cc2015 has still not yet been updated to allow tethering with a 5DSR.   I have just successfully used the Canon utility to import the photos to a specified folder on your computer.  Then in LR under File then Auto Import then Auto Import Settings you can pick up the files from the same folder that you had sent the photos to using the canon software.  So when you take a photo the photo goes through your canon programme then is picked up by LR.  The photos will appear in LR library.  It's slightly slower than if you were sending the file direct to LR but at least this works.  Hope this is a help.