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    After effects 2015 - new audio preview is slow

    kanadiou Level 1


      i installed new ae cc 2015.

      ram render is way faster in some conditions, but i find audio preview really slow :


      when i press "." to listen just audio, or even "0" or "spacebar", preview start, but audio start few seconds later.

      So i can determine pricesly the time when a can i hear a beat, like on cc 2014 version. I find that as a major problem in motion design.


      And when i press ".", for audio only preview, there is a delay, then it's starts to play, but sound can be heard just few seconds later, but it works well in cc 2014.

      the only way is to change option :


      but in that case, audio is always on, when it is not real time.



      Lats thing, on cc 2014, when i preview audio only, then stop, it comes back to the start point. Now it stops where it stops. Not practical.

      Any way to change it in options ?



      But well, if it correct one day, maybe just newt year, as the stereo effect problem has been correct in one year.

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