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    Stuck in Full-Screen Mode!

    jjjdfkdiiiejsjnxniie Level 1

      I'm on a macbook pro, and upgraded to the latest LR today. Tried going into full-screen mode while I had the spot-removal tool, because I wanted to do some touch-ups and have a large area of the photo showing.


      Well, now it's stuck in full-screen mode! The cursor turned to the hand went it went full-screen, and if I hit F, it turns to a beachball for a few seconds, then nothing happens (or it switches between 100% and fit-to-screen).


      I had to Force-Quit Lightroom to get out of it.


      I just replicated the problem, too. I opened Lightroom, hit F to go into full screen and back out of it with no problem. Then I switched to the Spot Removal tool and hit F, and again, was unable to get out of Full Screen mode. Killing the program seems to be the only way out of Full Screen Hell.