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    How to watermark with the filename?


      I've searched and searched and I cannot find an easy way to do this...but it MUST be possible!


      Some (really awkward) Solutions I've Found:


      1. I can create a .csv with two columns, each listing the file name for every image in a folder.  Then, using variables in PS, I can use the first column as an image replacement variable and the 2nd column as a text replacement variable to export the files.  This solution is both time consuming and creates images that are all the same size.
      2. LR/Mogrify 2 Plugin - which would do the trick, but it doesn't seem to work with the latest version of LR
        • (I get this error: An internal error has occurred: LRCatalog;withCatalogDo was marked deprecated in Lightroom 2.0 and is not supported as of Lightroom 3.0. This call is no longer needed.)
      3. Somehow use a droplet, pulling the file name from the Metadata to generate the text of a watermark... which I cannot figure out how to do. 


      How can it be this complicated?!  Surely there's a super-obvious button I'm missing somewhere in LR because I can't imagine NOT needing this feature.


      Please Help!