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    How do I go from Character Animator back to After FX?

    Einar J

      Can't for the life of me figure out how to go from Animator back to After FX once things have been animated. I can export to an image sequence with a WAV file, but I thought from the NAB demo you were supposed to be able to just go back and forth to After FX.

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          angie_taylor Adobe Community Professional

          From the Help document . . . 

          After you have recorded the scene the way you want, you can export it for use in other applications, such as After Effects or

          Premiere Pro. You can also export to a watch folder monitored by Adobe Media Encoder to automate the process of saving

          your recording in a movie format.

          To export the recordings for a scene:

          1. With the scene selected in the Project panel, adjust the scene Duration parameter (in the Properties panel) to restrict the

          frames to export.

          Scene duration is visualized in a lighter background in the Timeline panel.

          2. Choose File > Export > Scene (Cmd/Ctrl+M), then specify a location and base file name for the recorded scene. The

          base file name defaults to the scene’s name.

          To import the exported scene into After Effects for additional work:

          1. In After Effects CC 2015, choose File > Scripts > New Comp from Character Animator Recording.jsx.

          2. Select one of the PNG files from the exported sequence.

          The script will detect if a corresponding WAV file also exists, and import it as well.

          The PNG sequence is interpreted at the frame rate set for the scene (12 fps if not modified from its default), and a composition

          containing it and its WAV file (if present) is created.

          3. If you recorded a lip sync performance, slip the audio layer a couple of frames later for a more believable performance.

          Because Character Animator has to process the audio signal before selecting appropriate visemes, audio is being

          recorded before the corresponding visuals. However, it’s more believable if the visuals precede the audio, hence the need

          to slip the audio.

          To import the exported scene into Premiere Pro for additional work, import the exported .xml file into the Project panel.

          A sequence containing the PNG sequence and WAV file are created.

          To import the exported scene into Adobe Media Encoder for encoding, add the exported .xml file to the Queue panel,

          then adjust the format settings and output file.

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            CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

            As Angie points out, the connection to AE right now is just via Export to PNG/WAV.


            We do hope to have a live Dynamic Link option in the future (e.g. drag & drop a Ch Scene into an AE Comp). Note that the connection for imported art from PS/AI is already live (i.e. just make a change in PS or AI, save, and switch back to Ch). Maybe that's the thing you saw at NAB?

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              Martinnel Level 1

              This is no longer correct, right? I don't see File > Scripts > New Comp from Character Animator Recording.jsx available to me in After Effects.



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                bruceb9981 Level 1

                You can still import, but it is easier to just use the dynamic link and drag and drop the scene right from CH to AE. I had the same question last month. This link should help.

                Unable to import Character Animator to After Effects (2018)