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    Basic keyframing

    media kat Level 1

      Using CC 2015 --


      1. When working in the Timeline (or whatever it is called) what is the keyboard shortcut to advance or rewind one frame at a time? Is there a way to do this instead of having to use the Current Time Indicator/scrubber to drag through the footage?


      2. I want to apply an advanced lightning effect to a solid layer and do some simple key framing in order to keep the effect on a person while he is moving. Is the correct way to do this to just add as many keyframes as you need on the effect and move the effect into the right spot on each keyframe?


      3. When I scale the advanced lightning effect down smaller so it does not extend off the screen it just seems to abruptly stop and that does not look believable. Is there a way to soften the ending of the effect so it does not just abruptly end like this?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, it would help if you actually read the help and watched some basic tutorials. Sorry to be so candid, but you're mucking around and seem to hope to solve this intuitively when some real knowledge would be more useful. Anyway, here goes:


          • Use Ctrl+left/right arrow to progress one frame. Also holding shift will progress ten frames.
          • Yes, keyframing might be one way, another one might be tracking. Look up the big words in the help/ Google. everything else would require to see the footage.
          • You can stack effects, use masks, use transitions to do all sorts of softening. again, start by actually reading the help and watching some tutorials.