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    Terms of use unclear regarding social media use


      The Adobe Stock Additional Terms decline a social media use regarding the stock photos at all, if the terms of use governing the social media site include any provision that would claim to grant any exclusive rights or ownership in respect of such work or modified work to anyone. The (German) FAQ therefor say, that a social media use is possible, if the picture shows the reference. So which one is it and is publishing on Facebook for example possible?

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          Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

          Hi Dirk,


          There are two aspects of this question:


          1. You can use images on social media if you reduce the size of the image to social enabled versions i.e. no larger than 1000 pixels on the long side and add the copyright information directly onto the image itself. The specific language for the copyright information should be in the license agreement but it should include copyright Adobe Stock/Artist name.
          2. You can not use the images on any social media site that claims the copyright of the images uploaded. You need to make sure they don't send the images to websites that break our license agreement.

          Hope that answers your query.

          ~ Arpit

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            jakobi medical

            Dear Arpit,

            does this mean that the pictures i want to pubish, have to contain a signature like in case of fotolia?

            I would be interrested in an adobe contract but i need the pictures prdominantly for facebook posts in my facebookpage...


            Best regards


            Julian Jakobi