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    Paragraph shading - in CS6?

    seb400 Level 1

      Intel Mac OS 10.6.8, Indesign CS6

      I have been supplied customer artwork to correct. Some of the text paragraphs (each para in its own text box) display with a yellow background highlight/colour/shading. When viewing as separations the highlight colour disappears. I have investigated all the options I am aware of to create such appearance.


      Paragraph rules: text has a black Japanese dots rule below - but no rule above

      There are no underline options applied.

      The colour highlight remains when all 'composition' issues are deselected.

      There are no 'Effects' or 'Character Styles' appied


      However when I view as  'separations' the colour vanishes.


      I see, from searching on the web, that InDesign CC includes an option for 'Paragraph Shading'.

      Is it possible that this is a 'back-saved'  document from CC allowing me to view the 'background/highlight colour' (set to 'not print').

      I don't need to, but would like to understand why I can't find anyway to edit the effect?