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    Export AI vector sequences from flash - Vector to clipboard - Anyone else need this? Is there a way?

    Lasergod Level 1

      Hi there,


      as flash was the best vector animation program available on earth, I would really love to use it further on.

      I don't care about all this web functions.

      But since CS4 the vector export is very limited and completely eliminated for sequences.

      AI Export was supported by Macromedias versions of flash, which was very handy.

      Movie export into AI Sequences

      Same with vector to clipboard function. It's now turned into poor pixels.


      Question - is there still a practicable way to export Ai sequences?


      I mostly work in my old Macromedia Flash MX 2004 version due to this limitations.But this will die sooner or later with newer OS. I already have to turn off Win AERO and do some registry mess up to keep this alive.

      Buying a CS3 version beside my CC membership could be another "solution" but this is still a question of time until this dies too.


      I wonder if there are more people needing this. From animation world I heard several people looking for this.

      I made a feature request to get this old functionality back - the more asking for this, the bigger maybe the chance to get this back.

      Same with clipboard.

      In the past you could just copy your flash work into clipboard and paste it into Illustrator i.e.

      So nice and comfortable.


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          Lasergod Level 1

          Thank you very much for this quick answer.

          As I would really prefer AI (even older AI versions) I tried your extension.

          Installed the extension manager and the file.


          Unfortunately it isn't shown under Command in FlashCC FlashCC2015.


          Computer restart ->No

          Deactivate, reactivate extension -> No

          Deinstall, reinstall extension -> No


          I looked into User/Username/AppData/Local/Adobe/FlashCC2015/enUS/Configuration/Commands but no jsfl file with something like "export svg" file is shown there.

          Extension Manager failed.


          I extracted the zxp file with 7-zip.Searched for the "Export as SVG Sequence.jsfl" file.

          Copied and pasted it into the above named path.

          Finally it was there, under Commands.

          Puh.That was not straight forward. Unfortunately this happens pretty often to me since CC.


          I tried an old fla file.


          The command executes immediately.

          No naming, no folder to be chosen.

          It will take the fla file folder and the fla file name. Having sometimes several hundred pictures, this is critical.

          Naming is incremental but starts with 1. Not with 0001 i.e.

          This will cause some problems in other applications.


          Anyway, I really appreciate that there is a way, somehow.


          For my case it's not a solution and will keep me working with last century technology.

          I really would love to have an AI Export and an AI Sequence Export with selectable AI versions again, as it is possible up to CS3.

          Anyone else?



          As there have been many requests for vector sequence export since CC2014 as you said, why isn't it done properly in CC2015 under Export Movie?


          Still this very fast vector to clipboard function gone years ago is leaving a big convenience gap too.