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    LR 6 desktop only (no CC, please!)




      LR user since v3 here. purchased and installed yesterday LR6

      what a nightmare getting it up and running, instead of just crashing, has been! :-/

      plus... all those "extras" LR installer adds really did a useless mess on my whole system :rolleyes:

      (deeply regret purchasing this "upgrade": only did to future-proof my LR installation)


      now... all I want and need is the app itself on my computer (plus, obviously, ability to install future updates): what should/can I safely unisntall among all those CC extras?




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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          There is nothing not required by the application to my knowledge. The welcome screen with “get started tips” can be turned off by scrolling to the bottom and putting a checkmark against “do not show again” If you find the trial for LR mobile annoying you can get rid of it. Try hovering with your mouse/pointer over the Name Plate (see image above) until the icon for the pull-down menu shows up. Click on it, to see the activity window and then click the pause button next to LR Mobile.

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            pl_svn Level 1

            thank you jon: already disabled (as soon as i could the app to launch, I mean ) any synching/CC related feature


            nothing not required? :-/

            I can see at least 8-9 *pseudo* apps with obscure names, spread in various folders/subfolders on my HD and uselessly taking spaces in "Launch Center" :-/

            all of those are needed for LR6 to work in desktop mode only?