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    Why "FindTextPreferences" not working?

    daitranthanhoa Level 1

      I have 1 Font missing : [ddddの]. I want find and replace to Font "Ab"

      This is  my Code, but it can't  find .

              oIndesign.FindTextPreferences = 1851876449

              oIndesign.ChangeTextPreferences = 1851876449

              oIndesign.FindTextPreferences.AppliedFont = "ddddの"

              oIndesign.FindTextPreferences.FontStyle = "Regular"

              oIndesign.ChangeTextPreferences.AppliedFont = "Ab"

              oIndesign.ChangeTextPreferences.FontStyle = "R"

              Dim oaTargetList = oDocument.ChangeText


      But If name of Font missing is: [dddd]. It working ok.

      Why "FindTextPreferences" not working?, If font name contain Japanese.

      Thanks all.