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    how to keep video inline on iPhone?

    foj Level 1

      Does anyone know how to work around this iPhone issue, to get the video play inline and most-importantly that the Edge Animate UI elements remain visible/active.


      I've found this kind of code in few places, but am unsure how to implement it in EA: Playing Videos


      Also people suggest a gif like solution playing an image at a time (maybe a sprite sheet), but that will be about 2000-plus images that then need to sync to an audio track ( madness =] ).


      I am using EA 1014.1.1 on Win7 64bit PC.

      Thank you.

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          foj Level 1

          I can half see the solution in this thread, How do I add ' controls webkit-playsinline ' to my video in Edge Animate?


          I've been looking at the 'webkit-playsinline' for a while, but with no idea as to how to implement it in Edge Animate,


          Staff-member Vivekuma suggests placing the following code in compositionReady:-

                    $("video").each(function(_, vdo) {

                           vdo.setAttribute("controls", "");

                           vdo.setAttribute("webkit-playsinline", "");



          But I do not understand what it is doing - will this simple bit of code magically make any instance of any video with any name play inline?


          (There was a some code entered by Shaun, who asked the question - I think this was a cut and paste from a blog - but again I cannot see how this code and Viivekuma's match - you can see it in the tread-link).


          Please help, getting close and it would be nice to get the videos working inline for the iPhone app (through PhoneGap).