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    LR6 trial on computer with LR5


      I'm using LR5 on a Windows 7 computer and would like to download the LR6 trial to see if the panorama and HDR actions will meet my needs.  But the end point process is not clear:  Will the trial LR6 overwrite my existing LR5?  Will I be able to remove the LR6 and revert to the LR5, or will I need to reinstall the LR5?


      If I elect not to purchase the LR6, will I be able to further edit the results from the trial?


      Very respectfully,


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          dj_paige Level 9

          There is no LR 6 trial. There is only a Lightroom CC trial, which can be converted to LR 6 later if you decide to purchase LR 6.


          The LR CC trial does not overwrite the LR 5 software, and you can use both software on your computer.


          If you choose not to purchase LR6 or LR CC, your LR CC catalog cannot be read by LR 5. Some (most?) of your editing and metadata can be transferred back to LR 5 via XMP, but your edit history and collections and a few other items from LR CC cannot be transferred back to LR 5.

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            NOVA_Larry2 Level 1

            Thank you dj_paige == that answers my questions and makes me comfortable with trying the trial.