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    "RAM" Preview isn't real time anymore, CC 2015


      Hello All,

      After installing CC 2015, my previews are no longer in real time. Even as low as 4-5 frames per second.

      I have a Z820 workstation with 64 gig ram , and an nvidia quadro 6000 plus a tesla GPU. That should be enough for 1 HD layer with no effects. It was before.

      The preview loads the frames, the line on the comp is green, but it wont play smoothly.

      Adobe CC has 50 Gigs of RAM allocated, and nothing else is open. OPEN GL and CUDA are recognised by the software.

      Premiere is slow as well. A second video layer, and even though the line in the sequence is yellow, it wont play in real time.

      Anyone else having these problems? I might have to downgrade again....


      PS I have installed the latest nVidia drivers...