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    INDD CC 2015 AI/EPS rendering bug


      In INDD CC 2015, when I drag AI or EPS illustrations around the page they don't always render once dropped.


      I can consistently reproduce this:


      1) Select a .AI graphic

      2) Cut it

      3) Paste it

      4) Hold down shift. Keeping shift held down, drag the object somewhere else.  Keep shift held down and let go.

      5) The object has vanished. Or to be precise, it hasn't rendered - it's still there in the underlying file. Pressing W makes it reappear, e.g.


      This also happens with EPS files, except it leaves a gaping grey 'x'ed hole where the image once was.


      If multiple vector images overlap, a different rendering issue occurs where they part render in overlapped areas.


      Bitmap images render fine, so far as I can see.

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          garethm Level 1

          This still happens after the recent update to INDD CC 2015, which according to the release notes "fixed rendering issues"!


          If you pick any image on the page, and drag it around a bit while holding SHIFT (to constrain movement) it will soon either disappear completely or leave grey boxes behind (depending on the image file type).


          You can see this by opening a new document and dragging an image in.  It's trivial to discover.  I really can't believe that Adobe test these releases in any serious way - perhaps they run a software test suite, but it's clear that no one actually uses the apps before release.


          This is on Windows 8.1 64-bit.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            YOu should not copy and paste to import it. Use File > Place…

            AVoid EPS, use PDF/X-4 or AI files instead.

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              garethm Level 1

              Forget pasting. Here's all you need to do to trigger the rendering bug in the latest update of INDD CC 2015:


              * Open a new INDD document

              * Drag in any PDF.

              * Click on the (PDF) graphic and drag.  As you drag, hold down shift (to constrain movement).

              * Let go of the drag. The image vanishes!


              In any case, I didn't mean to cut from elsewhere and paste in.  I meant cut a graphic you already have in InDesign, and paste it immediately back in InDesign.  But it's even easier to repeat now, as above.  (All that said, no matter how you get a graphic into InDesign it should still render correctly)

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                garethm Level 1

                Text boxes also don't redraw correctly in INDD 2015.  In the original release of INDD 2015, there were render issues when text boxes were near graphics, but in this update to "fix" rendering issues text boxes have become unusable - adding or removing lines in a text box causes lower lines to get stuck all over the screen as they move.


                Given that now both graphics and text are failing to render correctly in InDesign, I'm reinstalling INDD 2014.  When both graphics and text are broken, there's not much left.