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    Unable to create a digital signature

    Tanya Tate_181

      Does anyone know why a digital signature can't be created, the option to do this is greyed out.

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          IsakTen Level 4

          Are you talking about a digital signature based on a PKI certificate or about an e-signature, which is just text or image?

          Which product (Acrobat or Reader) you are using, which version, including minor, which platform (Win/Mac), which OS and its version?

          Which menu items are grayed out?

          I won't be on the forum for the next 3 weeks but someone else may have an answer if you provide answers to my questions.

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            Tanya Tate_181 Level 1

            Hello, I am using Adobe Acrobat Reader V XI.  Yes I am referring to the digital signature option in Adobe Reader, which is a standard view point in the Adobe Reader X1.  I have worked with a handful of colleagues whereby some are able to open a pdf document and create a digital signature, and some are able to complete this option when clicking on sign and fill is enabled, but for some the next options are greyed out - sign with certificate, which is of course what enables the creation of the digital signature.