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    Flash Professional is unusably laggy.


      Is there any way to speed it up at all? 'undoing' something, changing brushes, moving something around the stage all take a good 4-5 seconds of lag each time. Want to move a symbol? Click, move and hold for 5 seconds before it snaps to the mouse and you can move it around normally.


      The lag makes comfortable or fast work almost impossible, I don't see how anyone can use this program for anything of any high quality with such lag.


      My computer is a Lenovo G510s touch,


      Intel Core i5,

      6Gb RAM,

      64bit Windows 7 OS


      Nothing is eating up all the memory, I have skype, one chrome tab, and Flash open and nothing else. Memory hovers around 35%, CPU spikes between 3 and 30% sporadically.


      My file is not massive, it has a rough sketch on one layer and nothing else. The stage is around 800 x 600 px. I've turned off auto-recovery, cut the 'undo history' bit down to 20 points, and done everything else I can possibly think of to remove anything that could be causing lag.



      It's no different, trying to undo something, or move something around (the latter of which is kind of really fundamental to animation.) takes 5 seconds or so of lag each time for the program to acknowledge my actions.



      Please help, this is absolutely ridiculous.