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    [Windows 7] CC 2015, all programs crash on startup


      Hello, I've just updated my CC to CC 2015, but I'm experiencing a lot of problems with this. I cant start any of my installed programs (PS, AI, ID, AE, DW, etc). As soon as I try to start the program I get this message.


      My computer is running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.


      Hardware is

      GPU: GeForce GTX 960

      CPU: Intel i7 @ 3.60GHz

      RAM: 16GB

      Also, CC and the programs are all installed on the same harddisk, so I do not believe the problems is there (I had trouble with this earlier with another PC).


      I've tried googling the problem, but it seems to only exist on Mac as it is (and this didn't help me either). Other things I've tried is:

      - Restarting computer (ofc )

      - Logging in and out of CC

      - Reinstalling each individual program

      - Reinstalling the whole CC-program


      None of this seems to fix it, so I'm now wondering if anyone else has got the same problems as I do? Does anyone have any clue why this is happening? If not, do somebody know how I can downgrade to CC 2014, because that worked perfectly.