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    Scripting saving of [Converted] files


      We are about to update to CC 2015 here at work, I'm tasked with running the preliminary testing. I'm hoping to script away a problem that occurs with every update. When I open a [previous version of InDesign] file, it opens with "[Converted]" in the title bar. Then I have to save the converted file over the old file which includes navigating to the correct location on our servers (which it never seems to know). I'd like a startup script that would detect that a file been converted, and save it in its original location, over the old file, automatically. It's not mission critical, but with hundreds of files and a dozen designers it would save a lot of time and keep the machine running smoothly. My experience is mostly with AppleScript and at a very basic level. Mostly I've altered existing scripts through trial and error. If someone could point me towards a similar script I could tinker with, that would be great. Thanks for any help.