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    Really dumb question

    GretchenG Level 1

      I am new to Contribute and cannot figure out, now that I have set up a writer (user) if that person needs to have Contribute, Dreamweaver or FTP on their computer, or, do they just need to follow the links and key that i send them?

      I can find nothing about this in the manual. It seems that they don't need anything like this.

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          Hi Gretchen,

          I'm new too :)
          As far as I understand, the person submitting new content to the site needs Contribute installed on their system. The administrator or webmaster or whatever then creates a connection key and sends it to the contributor *sorry* ;) so he/she can connect to the site and make the changes that they are allowed to make by the administrator through the application interface.

          Hope this helps...
          Hope I'm right...