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    Indesign CC 2015: Image display issues

    cssgeoff Level 1

      Hi. Recently updated to Indesign CC 2015 on OSX 10.10.3, Late 2012 iMac.


      Images that are placed, especially larger images, will become very pixelated and low res after a few minutes of a project being open. File exports correctly and images bounce in correct resolution. Changing display modes back and forth does nothing to help. This behavior did not exist in ID CC2014.


      I am working in high-res display mode and the images will look worse than they do in "typical display" mode. If I re-link the image, it will usually go back to looking normal, but then after a while, or upon re-opening the project, will go back to being very pixelated.


      Have trashed pref and saved data.


      At a loss and working on a big project.




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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Try setting "Greek type below" to 0. There have been reports of display issues and this seems to be a temporary fix but I’m not sure if it will help with graphics.




          Let us know.

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            cssgeoff Level 1

            I did try that, and it did not help this specific issue.

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              [Ravi Kiran] Adobe Employee

              We would like to take a look at this issue. If possible, could you share a couple of these images with us?

              Please send them over to sharewithid@adobe.com

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                [Ravi Kiran] Adobe Employee

                Thanks for the mail that you'd sent. The images haven't come as attachments (they appear inline).

                Could you please put them in Dropbox/Box & share the link


                send the attachments once again at sharewithid@adobe.com?

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                  cssgeoff Level 1

                  I've zipped the images and resent an email with the zip files attached.

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                    [Ravi Kiran] Adobe Employee

                    Hi cssgeoff,


                    Sorry to bother you again with a request to put the files in question in Dropbox folder or use WeTransfer, etc. and share the link.

                    For security reasons, our corporate email system blocks attachments like ZIP files (as they are frequently used to transfer viruses and malware).


                    Thanks once again,


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                      cssgeoff Level 1

                      Any followup? I am getting SO frustrated trying to work in files that look like this in high resolution mode. No matter what I do, they always revert back to this. This has never happened to me before, and this same file was ok before I upgraded.


                      It seems like that progress bar down at the bottom near pre-flight that usually comes up to show the images loading in high quality is not coming up. If that progress bar comes up at any point, the image goes to high res. Sometimes it will just come up randomly after being in a project for quite some time, and then a couple of the images might flip over, but then upon restart or reboot, the images are all garbage again. I don't know if that helps any?


                      Please help if you can. I'm going a bit crazy over here.


                      Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 8.19.25 AM.png

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                        I'm having the same issue. Did you get a solution?

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                          KenCen1 Level 1

                          Did you find a solution?

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                            cssgeoff Level 1

                            Actually no.


                            I went back and forth with Adobe about this problem through email and they said they were going to get a conference call going with some of their software team to try to help figure this out. They never followed though, and haven't contacted me any further, so that's a little disappointing.


                            I went back and forth with Apple about this, and took my computer in twice. They replaced the logic board (to which the video card is built into), but that did not fix the problem. 


                            I eventually reverted to CC 2014 apps, which work slightly better, but I still have major graphics and performance issues with all Adobe CC products that I use.


                            After dealing with and trying to troubleshoot these issues for over 2 months, I'm disappointed to say my "solution" was that my company just ordered me a new iMac.


                            After all this, if I had to guess, I think the biggest suspect is OS X Yosemite, so if anyone else is having these problems and has Yosemite installed, I'd try rolling it back to Mavericks. I'm tired of troubleshooting this, and with a new computer on the way, I'm not going to waste any more time trying the rollback. I suspect that Yosemite is not handling video drivers the way it should, and some video cards (specifically NVIDIA) might be having an especially tough time. In doing research, I found a recommendation to update NVIDIA "CUDA drivers" but that didn't fix anything.


                            That's all I got.

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                              cssgeoff Level 1

                              Brand new iMac 5K Retina came in, and is having all the exact same issues in CC 2015 - the biggest issue being images displaying in extremely low resolution, until I relink them, and then they revert to low-quality again after a few minutes.


                              Still having to use 2014 apps.


                              I'm tired of shouting into a vacuum about this. I'm trying to help troubleshoot and fix this, because I CANNOT be the only person having these problems and I CANNOT use ANY CC 2015 apps other than Photoshop (which still has frequent micro-freezes).

                              If anyone from Adobe wants to reach out and maybe try to help troubleshoot this problem for real, I can be reached by email at n.edwards.or@gmail.com.


                              I'm aware of Apple bugs that are causing video driver issues, but I don't see why this problem would be necessarily related to that.


                              So so so frustrated.

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                                Having the same issues, but also vector images and text boxes are randomly pixelated. It's almost like they were converted to bitmap at low res. I've found if I select individual objects (text box, images, vector graphics, etc.) and go to [ Object > Display Performance > High Quality Display ] ID will give a high res preview of the selected objects. It seems like there should be a master on/off switch, like how turning on 'overprint preview' in the 'View' drop down used to do on previous versions of inDesign. It's really frustrating especially for pubs with a large number of pages with a large number of different objects on each page.

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                                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                  Have you turned off Allow Object Level Display Performance in the prefs?

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                                    I got a result on this - by selecting the Object - the image box - and then Display Performance, and chose High Quality Display - seemed to get rid of the pixelation. Goood luck guys.

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                                      Janne the Searcher


                                      I've been experiencing the same problem regarding the pixelation in Indesign CC 2015. My solution to the problem is this: By chance I discovered that when I have "Show Start Workspace When No Documents Are Open" or "Show Recent Files Workspace When Opening A File" activated the pictures are pixelated and will not automatically update to full resolution. But when I deactivated these settings in Preferences/General the pixelation disappeared and the pictures started to update automatically to full resolution. I have a Mac Pro, late 2013, purchased in april last year. Hope this solution helps any of You to get rid of this annoying bug. :-)

                                      Skärmavbild 2016-01-21 kl. 17.02.57.png

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                                        This is really interesting Janne the Searcher - I just tried to do as you suggested but by pref box has the "Show Start Workspace..." box already selected and greyed out. So I can't change it. Did you have this issue? Any suggestions?Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.40.44 AM.png

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                                          in the Italian version of Adobe Indesign CC 2015 it seems that you can fix the problem by select/deselect a preference under the Interface Panel


                                          please indesign_highres2.jpglook at the attached image

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                                            Hi there,


                                            I had this same problem, but after playing with some settings I finally figured out how to solve this.

                                            Every time I would place a high resolution photo into InDesign CC, the photo placed would turn into this pixelated mess.


                                            What I did was go into my preferences, and into Display Performance. I changed the Default View to High Quality, the Adjust View Settings to High Quality, and everything under "Better Performance" to High Resolution and High Quality. After changing these, I inserted my pictures again and they were clear. Hope this helps!

                                            Adobe Preferences.JPG

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                                              KenCen1 Level 1

                                              thanks for your response. I have already changed my setting in preferences but haven't had any luck. My computer is a 2010 so that may be the problem. The new retna screens don't had this problem. My expert IT staff can't figure this out and it's been a year. Thanks

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                                                I am having this issue as well. I was not sure if it was my computer or InDesign. Never had this problem until I upgraded the software. VERY FRUSTRATING!!! Wasting my time and it is so random.  Any solutions yet?

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                                                  karend5820229 Level 1

                                                  Tried turning off "object Level Display Performance" That worked for two seconds and the low res screen came back.

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                                                    karend5820229 Level 1

                                                    My preferences were already set to allow High quality images. 

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                                                      I have the same problem and I couldn't fix it. I am working on Webmaster Tools Website [link removed by moderator]

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                                                        Hey guys,


                                                        I'm having a similar problem in CC 2015.4, where placed images, no matter their size, are extreamly slow to render. This happens no matter the display preference, High Quality or Typical. Scrolling through a document causes InDesign to continuously churn and beachball. This happens when scrolling up and down through a single page, moving through different pages and even when moving elements around on a page. It appears to be re-rendering everything with each move.


                                                        I've restarted InDesign. Restarted my machine (new Mac Pro - Late 2013, running 10.11.6, with a new Thunderbolt display). I've uninstalled and reinstalled InDesign. And, because I can not stop working, I've resurrected my older machine (Mac Pro, Early 2008, running 10.8.5, with Adobe CC 2014.2), and I can work on the file with no problems.


                                                        Here's another curve ball. If I click out of InDesign, say to the finder, I can hover over the InDesign document, without going into it, and scroll through the pages perfectly. Hi-res and all. No rendering issues. As soon as I click back into InDesign, the re-rendering happens.


                                                        Any thoughts?

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                                                          The pixelation issue just popped up for me when I did a reinstall. Since it was not a problem before that, I am fairly certain it is related to my settings. This adjustment is working for me so far:

                                                          • Go to Preferences / Interface.
                                                          • Under Options / change Live Screen Drawing to Immediate.
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                                                            johnf76405211 Level 1

                                                            Same issue, under Windows 10. Didn't notice when it first started, but I had to wipe and re-install for the latest update, and before the patches were applied, CC 2015 worked fine. Now, I have to enabled "Overprint Preview" to see clear images, and vector files often disappear until the zoom level is changed.


                                                            Obviously not an OS issue.

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                                                              Had the same issues, but found the object links were broken.  Moved the objects to the same folder as the file and it was able to project high quality display.

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                                                                johnf76405211 Level 1

                                                                That's the way it's supposed to behave - unlinked graphics in lo-rez. What everyone else is experiencing is lo-rez previews for no good reason.

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                                                                  Jonas M. Rogne

                                                                  I have the same problem on a user here. CC2015.2. Multiple machines with identical setup, and this is the only one reporting it. Resetting preferences does not help.


                                                                  I'm unable to test the "fix" of disabling the start workspace as that is grayed out for some stupid reason (we are in a corporate environment and the individual users are not logged into the CC desktop app, aparently that is required for changing certain offline workspace settings).


                                                                  Adobe: Please update us on this bug. Are you still working on it?

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                                                                    The only resolution that I have found is to uncheck "GPU Performance" inside the "GPU Performance" section inside preferences. Fixed my issue immediately. Must be some errors in this system function.


                                                                    Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.57.46 AM.png