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    Using Separator Bars in TOC

      I have a fairly complex help system, and I have 8 required workflow books, plus several other alternative workflow books.

      Based on a lot of internal user testing, users want to see their topics of interest in the TOC (topics I would not have thought of including, but got a lot of feedback from users that they poke the TOC and not the index looking for this info). However, one linear list of purple TOC books is not digestible (and using other icons is not useful).

      I would like to list ~ 8 required workflow books, followed by a separator line, followed by ~ 3 alternative workflow books, followed by a separator line, followed by ~ 3 reference books, followed by a separator line, followed by a few contact/legal/ website books.

      I added books to RH TOC with a separator line, but no topics, and these books are ignored in the compiled CHM file.

      I have been looking on the site for similar topics and do not find anything. Thanks to anyone for any suggestions.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi abwriter

          Hmmm, one thought that occurs to me is that you could create simple topics that would display for each of these "separator" books. Assign each book to the appropriate topic. The topics themselves might only contain an explanation of the purpose of that particular section. Assuming this is for compiled .CHM use, you could then ensure the book icon was assigned so they remained as books and weren't automatically converted to pages.

          Just a thought... Rick