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    After Effects CC Error (Windows 64)


      Hi Adobe community and Owners!

      I have a very tedious problem, i want to edit a file that is saved as an .aep proyect on after effects,

      but when i try to open it, this window comes up:


      As you can see, i am working on "Windows 8" and i dont know if thats the problem.

      if you're reading this on a phone, you probably can not read to perfection , so this is what it says:

      "After Effects error: The file you are attempting to open was created with After effects version 13.0 (Windows 64)

      and cannot be opened with this version."

      I have Adobe After Effects CC that is the last version it has been released, so i dont know whats the problem right


      Please help me i have to work on a proyect and thats a internet template i cannot modify it.

      I am waiting your answers, Thanks!