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    Toggle Pin Animation Doesn't Show in Browser


      Hi, my phone is dead at the moment and I can't get on the Adobe Chat. I've been having an issue with my project. I'm making a slideshow following a Lynda tutorial and no matter what I do, in any file, this happens. When I use the pin toggle to make the opacity change as it moves down the timeline to the next image, it shows perfectly on the stage in the program but when I test it in a browser it just changes without the transition. I tested on a friend's computer and same thing. It won't work with the motion either and sometimes when I do add the motion and delete the keyframes later, the image stays stuck in the ending position in the browser so I have to delete it off of my timeline and re-add it for it to go back to normal. All in all I would really like to get the opacity and movement working when I click the button to the next slide. Can someone please help me? The Lynda tutorial files work perfectly fine in the browser too...