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    Importing AE CC animated logo into Muse CC


      i created a perfect logo for my company. It's a realistic stainless steel logo that I created in PS CC, then imported into AE CC to created the glinting surface, gleam moving from left to right across the face of the logo. It looks wonderful. The image of the logo has transparency that must be preserved since I don't want a square box behind my logo. The logo must stand aline with the glint moving across its face, which I accomplished with the matte feature in AE CC.


      So I have this animated logo I created in AE CC, but there is not a single way as far as I can see to export this from AE in a format or file that I can import into Muse CC. I even tried saving the file as an AE.proj in the hopes of importing into Premiere CC, but I get an error saying that the file was created in an older version of AE and cannot be imported; or I get a GENERIC error message.  So Premiere is out. I was able to render the logo as an AVI but I lose the transparency that way if I try to use it in Muse CC. I import the AVI into Premiere and then divide the video into GIFs which I imported into PS CC to try to create an animated GIF there with transparency intact. Transparency is very important. I could export from AE CC as xml, but I don't know how to import that into Muse CC.


      Long story short (too late) I created a great animated logo with transparencies in AE CC. I need to put it into my webpage in Muse CC. I am totally lost. Someone give me some direction.  Thanks a lot.