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    Mask moves position when I copy it to a new layer

    kg_himself Level 1

      i  creating an animated bar graph in after effects. Straight foward. The bars ( made from the shape tool) rise to there amounts and the percent value it on the bae itself near the top. i want to have the number be masked on the bar so that you can see through the bar to the layers below.


      I Used they type tool to type each number then converted it to a mask. The new layer is now in perfect position on the bar. I copy the mask and paste iit onto the shape layer but the mask Moves to a tottaly new position and my bar disappears. Tried inverting the masks and nothing. How can I do this. The plan is to insert this graph on a video so I would like the numbers to be masked out within the baRS.


      thank you

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          adamneer Level 2

          Mask and shape paths exist in different positional space.  Masks are situated in reference to the layer position but shape paths have their own transformational values that exist within the comp's layer transform function.  There are scripts available that can assist in copying paths from one to another while maintaining their "correct" position, but sometimes you just need to manually reposition the paths once you've copy/pasted them from one layer to another.


          It sounds like what you'll want to do is paste your number paths into the same group as your bar path and then add a merge paths to the group, using either subtract or intersect.  Click on the "path" line in your layer panel to select all the vertexes on the number path and then manually move them to where you want them to overlap the bar.