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    Lost the ability to sync to Lightroom mobile after upgrading to Lightroom CC 2015.1


      After upgrading to the latest release of Lightroom CC this week (2015.1) I've lost the ability to sync photos to Lightroom mobile.  This worked fine right up until the upgrade.


      The symptoms I'm experiencing are as follows:


      The identity plate in the top left permanently shows "waiting for connection"

      Collections that were previously synced no longer show the sync icon to the left of the collection name (the double headed arrow has disappeared)

      The option to choose 'sync to mobile' when creating a collection has disappeared

      Changes to photos on the computer don't show up on the iPad but the iPad says that all files are up to date


      I've tried the following:

      Signing out of Creative Cloud and back in again

      Delete all sync data from preferences>Lightroom mobile tab

      Pausing/restarting sync from the identity plate.  Just sits at "waiting for connection" after restarting sync

      Restarting the computer

      Signing out/back in from the iPad app

      And various combinations of the above


      After pulling my hair out for most of the day, thought I'd ask to see if anyone had similar problems and any possible solutions.