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    The latest update of LRCC is broken for the Nikon D810.


      The Adobe Standard camera profile is missing and the software applies the Camera Flat profile to all existing images.  For me and others this makes the software almost useless. Could someone at Adobe let me know when they are going to fix this, or how I can get back to the previous version of LRCC. I tried the chat option in support, but Adobe didn't bother to answer.  The Adobe website only tells you how to revert to LR5 or 6, but not to a previous version of LRCC.

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          Giordano - ACP Italy Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Timcat,

          I do not have a D 810, but with a little research I found some solutions :

          This means there the problem is in the path between the card and the LR app. Are you using a CF card or SDXC card? Are you using a card reader or using the D810 as a card reader? If the latter is the camera battery fully charged?


          The best response is going to be from a builtin card reader connected to the motherboard. You can extend that path and use a dedicated card reader attached to a USB port. If you do, then the Card reader can go bad or the USB cable can be damaged over time. In either situation your should try a different card reader. If the card reader is connected vis USB, then try a different cable. You may have connected the camera directly to the computer using the USB3 cable included with the camera. Because the camera needs to be on, it uses power derived from the camera battery and not through the USB cable. This causes additional drain on the battery and since Lithium batteries have only so many charge cycles before they wear out, you will need to replace the battery more often. Notice that the camera supports USB 3 If you only have USB3 on your computer, you cause that and the camera card reader will downgrade to USB2.


          Your camera will support SD, SDHC & SDXC cards. If you are using SDHC or SDXC cards you computer card reader needs to be able to support these larger/faster formats. CF cards need to be Type I. Make sure that you are using approved cards or at least top tier branded cards ( Ihave successfully used Transcend CF & SD Cards even though they are not on the approved list. Off brand and no name cards are often flakey. Some won't even format in the D810.


          One other option if none of the above point you to a solution. Use Windows Explorer to copy the contents of the camera card to your Local drive and then try to import the images into LR from the local copies. LR is very sensitive to hardware weaknesses. Sometimes getting the weak links out of the import chain helps isolate the problem.

          see more here: Nikon D810 no photos showing - Lightroom Forums

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            Timcat Level 1

            Thanks for replying, but I think that you have misunderstood the problem.  It is not an issue involving uploading images into LR.  It is a bug in the latest version that has  removed the Adobe Standard camera profile for the Nikon D810, which effects images that are already on the computer as well as those being uploaded from a card or camera.


            See: Lightroom: D810 Adobe Standard Profile missing - update lowers contrast of images


            For more on this.

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              Giordano - ACP Italy Adobe Community Professional

              Now I get it, I'll move to another topic where there are already found solutions Adobe Standard Profile unavailable for D810 in Lightroom CC 2015.1