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    Sounds like a warning beeping durning play back...


      I'm using Win 7.1 on a Dell Precision M6500 Icore 7 laptop w/8G ram & 1G video card. I'm a little over 1h:22m into editing a bunch of clips together & everything is fine. I added a 5min. clip and about about halfway into it there is a shrill oscillating sound like an ambulance & squad car racing somewhere. The last clip plays fine by itself. I've tried it both with & without rendering with the same results. The previous 17 individual files are between 5 & 9 min's in length pretty much all at full size 16x9 HD. Is there some upper limit to file size? I want to export about 1:45min's to DVD when I'm finished. Has anyone ever seen this before? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Inter Mundos

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You're only limited, for the most part, by your hardware. Which, in your case, isn't going to be a limitation at all.


          However, you should know that a standard DVD only holds about 70 minutes of video. You can set the program to lower the quality of your video and squeeze a bit more on -- but there is a limit to how much you can squeeze onto a disc.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            I do not believe your audio noises at Timeline playback are due to a Timeline duration issue.


            What is the format of these clips that you are putting on the Timeline? A while back I seem to recall a Premiere Elements user got some weird noises during playback. The problem was traced back to use of a Xvid.avi file which is probably one of the worst types of formats to use in Premiere Elements. Look at the file formats of all the clips to know for sure what is in the mix.


            Does the audio noise always track the same 5 min clip or is it tracking the spot on the track?