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    Text input + getFocus problem!


      I have a very big form, and i'm using the "TextInput" component, since my form is big, i prefer to make one condition which will test whatever the text input that have the current focus if it is empty or not before to put the cursor to next text input, and to display always the same message "Please enter a value".
      very important, i use the enter key to go to next textinput, so i need to test each textinput one by one, and i cannot test them all together.
      i made the follwoing code, but i am not able to make the test dynamically, i need each time to specify which textinput i am testing.
      Also how to put the cursor in the next textinput which have the next TabIndex number for example dynamically, by using enter key instead of Tab key?
      Thank you all.
      here is the code: