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    screen detail missing

    Bgerbich1 Level 1

      When playing back my recording, the occasional slide doesn't show any screen detail, only the mouse click highlight.  I am using Captivate  Does anyone know why, and how I can fix this.  Thanks

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Are you talking about a simulation (Demo, Training or Assessment)? If yes, you have to know that such a project is using the Blank Master slide. Did you perhaps add objects to that master slide, or other edits?


          And when you say 'playing back my recording' do you mean Preview or after publishing? If it is preview, which preview option did you choose?

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            BDuckWorks Level 4

            During the recording, you may need to click the 'printscreen' button to force a still capture of the required detail.


            Clicking the mouse will also cause this but, depending on your settings, will also add a mouse item, click box, and possibly a text caption. Using the printscreen button is the best practice.


            Generally, I'll add a still before and after scrolling, or after a new page loads. On some websites, typically those programmed with AJAX techniques, the partial refresh of a page is not captured unless printscreen is used.