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    CFMAIL character set not working

      Hi everyone,

      Recently we moved our websites to CF7 and we got a lot of problems with the character sets. We support multiple languages and we started to get a lot of issues related to the german, french or any other "special" characters like ä, ü, ß or any other.
      Browsing the internet I learned how to fix most of them, including "<cfprocessingdirective pageencoding="ISO-8859-1">" into all our pages but we still have one problem that I cannot fix.

      Our database backend it's a mySQL 4.1.12 with "UTF-8 unicode" default character set for all the tables.

      If I do a query, for instance:

      <cfquery name="get" datasource="dns">
      SELECT *
      FROM cart
      WHERE customer = 12870

      And then I have the following code:

      <cfoutput query="get">

      <cfmail to="xxx@xxx.com" from="xxx@xxx.comm" subject="test character set" server="localhost" type="HTML" charset="ISO-8859-1">
      Pietiläntie 30

      This is what I get on the screen:

      Pietiläntie 30
      Pietiläntie 30

      But this is what I get into the email message:

      Pietil?ntie 30
      Pietiläntie 30

      So, in other words, works fine on the screen, but it doesn't work with CFMAIL or CFFILE no matter what CHARSET I specify for these tags. But as you can see, if I just type in the text "Pietiläntie 30" between the mail tags, the text goes fine. But If it is a variable output #var# it doesn't. I have into Application.cfm also the following code:

      <cfcontent type="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
      <cfset setEncoding("url", "ISO-8859-1")>
      <cfset setEncoding("form", "ISO-8859-1")>

      I think I already tried everything with no luck to make this work! I really need help, it's been a while since I am trying to fix this and it is very very important for me. Thank you!