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    ItemClickEvent and transitions

      I have a datagrid in my base state. When I click on an item in the datagrid I want to jump to another state that shows many more details with that record set. i got that to work no problem. However the itemClickEvent needs to be attached to the DataGrid itself in the base and cannot be connected with a DataGridColumn. The result of this is that if someone wants to sort the data it triggers the itemClick and changes states. How can I get the sort function to work and it still not trigger the state change?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Im new to Flex so excuse me if Im talking nonsense :-)

          Could you write code in the ItemClick event handler, and detect what sort of item was clicked on (via the event properties perhaps). Then if you detect it was a real row, and not a header, you can fire a state transition manually, otherwise just ignore it?