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    Help with update,add, delete records

    proxim00 Level 1
      Hi every one,

      This is a problems that I have been trying to figure out for a little while now and I hope you all can help me out. So this is the situation.

      I am useing CFX XLS 2 Query to create a query from an excel doc I have. Now my problem is how can I loop through and delete the records that no longer are in the spreadsheet?

      So in other words my client will be uploading a new XLS each day, this xls will have some new data, some of the same and some will be gone. So I need the system to check and see if the stocknumber is there, if it is it will just update that record, now if the record is new it will add the record but for the life of me I can't figure out how it can delete record.

      I had thought maybe doing a select where the stock numbers dont match but that didnt work out too well :)

      Thanks for any help you may be able to provide