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    loadMovie pdf

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      Im trying to get a flash site together that loads multiple external pdf's into separate mc's - it wont work!
      It will work with jpg's or png's etc but not pdf's - having siffted through all the posts on this problem it seems that im not alone. Isnt it about time adobe make this possible? It seems daft that the all powerful flash can do every thing apart from load one of the most common online document formats (pdf's). Also with macromedia becoming abobe it just makes sence! or am i the only fool who thinks this?
      If anyone knows of a way to load the pdf's into mc's without using flash jester then any input would be apreciated.
      (no disrespect to flash jester but I've spent to much on app's already and if I buy another my wife will feed my male parts any my mac to the dog!)