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    Feature Request: Visible layered tracks for narrative, music, grfx.....


      Visible audio & grfx overlay tracks,,,,


      Track1-overlay importable grfx from Photoshop mix & draw etc

      Track2-main video as is

      Track3-audio music bed (volume, clipable)

      Track4-narrative (volume, clipable)


      I believe this would round off the app so that it's more complete and independent,

      On a professional level, preporduction shots angles and having them ready at my desktop presently Is priceless.

      These apps are perfect to teach with, On a basic level they work great for kids as young as 7 like a precursor or

      prep to use the advanced tools in premier pro and their free with cloud space so learning is a full circle. Genius! Thanks Adobe!

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      Reason: this is more of a feature request, rather than a how to question, so the title was changed slightly.