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    Adobe Digital Editions won't start


      Dear all,


      My Adobe Digital Editions will not start when I try to launch it on my Windows 7 system. It shortly shows the loading cursor, then I am prompted a window to give permission to let the program start, but when I click 'yes' nothing happens. (In taskmanager I see it pop up for half second in the tab 'services' and it then disapears. It does not show up in the tab 'applications'.) Before now it has always worked properly. If you happen to know how to fix this or another way or program to open 'ACSM' I would be very grateful as I need this book for my MA thesis I have to hand in this week.


      Things i have already tried are:

      - launching as administrator

      - Reinstalling it

      - installing an older version


      thank you very much in advance.