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    Processed images get green cast AFTER they are uploaded


      Okay, I have a "fun" one ...


      So I pocess my RAW (NEF) image with first lightroom, then photoshop (both CC).  My finished images looks fine, then I save it as JPEG.  It still looks fine.  I upload it to Facebook, it STILL lookes fine ...


      BUT ... when my model downloads the same exact image (JPEG) from my OneDrive (it still looks fine on her hard drive), then uploads it to her Facebook, it turns green/yellow.  Also, when I upload the image to certain websites, it also turns green/yellow (with Facebook and my own website, no problem, but some other sites like "myglamfolio.com", it turns green when I upload it).  Also, when I just put the image on a USB-stick and try to play it on my TV, it also turns green/yellow.


      To top it all off, the problem is fixed when I resize the JPEG with BDSizer.  (any diminensions)


      This problem only occurs with images that are being processed with my Lightroom and photoshop CC.


      Look below for my version on Facebook and then after it, the version of my model on her Facebook.  It is THE SAME EXACT image file, but hers is downloaded via OneDrive.




      I really hope somebody has a solution, because this is not professional of me to deliver "faulty" images to my clients.  My client thought this was my finished image and had she not tagged me in her photo, I never would have known that I provided her "faulty" images.


      I am a liiiiiiitle bit frustrated, but I do appreciate any help that I can get.  ;-)